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STATSHarsha Atluri

Name: Srinivasa HarshaVardhan Atluri

Location: Hyderabad, India

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Sector: Breweries, Healthcare,  IT

I’m named as Srinivasa HarshaVardhan Atluri by my parents, those who know me call me Harsha. I have lived most part of my life in Hyderabad, India where I was born. Went to study Medicine at Ukraine. An Entrepreneur by heart, passionate about startups with interests in Brewing Industry, Healthcare and Web Technologies.

As an individual I greatly admire the fusion of Art & Science. Love to explore Cultures, Food and Places. Find happiness in capturing emotions and getting lost in wild. Curious to discover and learn new things. My family completes me.

Favourite Interests

Photography, Geopolitics, Weapons Systems, Web Technologies.