15 Truths Young People Need To Understand About Failing, Love, Body Image and Life at Large.

I like this post which was originally posted on ArtParasites.com. Everyday when I go to work or hangout with friends or at a gathering, I see people all around are in search of a stepping stone which they would need to fulfill their desires or would catapult them to the next stage in their life. This next stage could be the growth phase or if you are the stepping stone it could be a lesson to you. This doesn’t mean your only purpose for them was you as a catapult, you are much more than what you imagine or think of yourself. Why do you think they needed you at the most pressing situations but not now? You are the source of energy they required, don’t let it drain in wain, be wise and kind as always you have been, spend your time on yourself, time is the biggest asset you have got.

Some ABSOLUTE truths young people need to understand:

1. I’m unhappy not because you’re happy, but because I’m unhappy alone.
2. Sometimes people who were supposed to be with you forever, won’t. And that is perfectly alright.

3. Nobody can make you feel bad about yourself unless you give them permission to do so. Don’t.

4. Work on being okay with being alone. It’s really not that bad.
5. Even if you inhibit your body, it was given to you by somebody. Don’t hate what you didn’t sacrifice shit for.
6. You don’t owe anybody any sacrifices, what you sacrifice should be your choice ALONE.
7. Never be completely sure of your opinion, listen to others but don’t alter your opinion completely.

8. Everything is temporary. Sadness, happiness, luck, bad luck, beauty, ugliness, Rich-ness, Poor-ness, A slim body, a fat body, a high self esteem, a low esteem, your ugly haircut, your pretty haircut, your dreams, life. Only death is permanent and the only thing that is a sure thing. Remember that.

9. Your life can change when you want it to. Anything else you tell yourself is just an excuse. Find something that you don’t make excuses for. That’s your passion.
10. It’ll feel like you never get anything you wish for, and everything better will go to everybody else, when times like that come around, rely on yourself. Some people can try to pick you up but you’ll fall down as soon as they let you go, and they will.
11. Your opinion about somebody you love or respect or admire can change in a second. It changes to indifference so quickly that it’ll make your head spin. But it’ll be for the best. Learn to let go. It’s scary as hell but not cutting the ropes that hold you to a place you’re unsure you want to be at, is toxic.

12. Sadness will always make you kinder. Always. Don’t be afraid to feel grief deeply. It’ll melt your egos. Man, sadness can sometimes be the best thing that can happen to somebody but don’t let it drown you. Never let anything overwhelm you.

13. Nobody matters enough for you to be crippled by their loss. Save your strength in things that you can turn to when you’ve run out of it or when somebody steals whatever was left inside of you.
14. When you enter a place, take in the surroundings. Don’t look at it from a camera lens. Don’t confine memories in an SD card. Don’t have a proof for every emotion you were feeling. If it was important, you’d remember it even if you had amnesia.

15. Kindness in the most unadulterated form is the best present you can give to anyone, especially a stranger. Kindness in life is everything. But kindness doesn’t mean letting other people step over you to cross a bridge, it is letting them pass first. Learn the difference. You can be kind without being quiet or shy or by holding yourself back.

So, as much as I can sugarcoat it, you are the best you’ve got. Really.
Nobody cares about you than you do. Everybody will leave you, except you.
Everybody will make suggestions, but the best option will be given to you by yourself.
And as far as I have seen of the world and all the people I’ve met, I haven’t met a soul who wasn’t replaceable.
You’ll never meet anyone who will be like anyone else, but it won’t matter.
Cause they’re just faces, man. They’ll shift and shift and shift. They’ll say the same stuff, recite the same lines, move on like everybody else, call you whenever they suddenly remember you. But, YOU, you won’t shift. You’ll be there. I don’t know. Nobody has stuck by me through everything I’ve been through yet, but me. And I’m not compromising myself for anybody. For anybody. You’ll have to be one hell of a person to change my mind but the truth is, if you were that person, you wouldn’t ask me to change anything.
Man, I don’t know. I’m just trying to tell all this to myself. I think everyone should think about this too.

Originally posted on ArtParasites submitted by Oshin Ahlawat

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