Unrequited unknown things!

Every second spent with you, a golden moment,
Holding your arms looking deep into your eyes;
Cherishing those moments, trying to achieve goals set for life.
But until that day you are mine, living life without a soul.

Words that you say, are puzzles to me,
Forewarn, or references to understand that,
In the future its going to be “we”?
The conversations we have, always have many things unrequited,
Do you deliberately do it to keep the thoughts be so doubted?

Never goes an hour without thinking about you for the 60 minutes,
The pain of being away from you,
So unbearable yet so sweet is the emotion.
Baby you’ve invigorated my persistence,
So strong you’ve made my determination about “our” goals;
Someday our story will turn to be a legend.

– Harsha Atluri


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