Steve Jobs 1955-2011, The Eternal being!

I always used to think there are only one kind of computers and those are the ones which run on Windows. Until 2006 I didn’t have any clear picture about “Apple Computers”, the way “Apple Inc.” was called then. I began exploring the functioning of Macintosh and the different kinds of software created by Apple. I was enticed by the functionality and form of all the Apple Products.

Furthermore, exploration on Apple led me to read more on Steve Jobs. I came across various articles, stories and pictures relating to Jobs. Watching the movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley” and the Documentary “Triumph of the Nerds” gave me a strong insight about Jobs. The story about Steve Jobs from his birth and over the time about his childhood, college life and events later have a greater influence on my thinking and my life. I was never again the person I was before knowing and reading so much about Steve Jobs.

My first purchase of an Apple product was my first MacBook and an iPod nano in October 2008, which I dearly love and still use them. Since then, my association with Apple products gradually increased. I love the Aperture software the most, created by Apple; which taught me everything I need to know about processing images.

What is more interesting is the Graduation speech given by Steve Jobs in 2005 at Stanford. This speech taught me to “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were my main motivation factors. He is a visionary and creative genius, he is an inspiring mentor to me and will continue to be.

This morning when the time was around 0510 hrs IST, I was deep asleep and woke up to the Email notification on my phone and kept staring at the Wall Street Journal alert which read “Apple Says That Steve Jobs Has Died”.

 I ran to my computer and ran across the news websites and the tech blogs, I felt desolated on reading all that came about Steve Jobs. It was hard to digest the fact that there is no more a person who only could say “One more thing…” and give the “Stevenote” presentations. 😥

Steve Jobs demise is going to impact a lot on many peoples lives. But the inspiration and the wonderful tools he has given us will never perish and will live as long as the earth exists. My deepest condolences to Steve’s family, my heart goes out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts. May the passion and the spirit with which Steve built Apple, be the foundation of Apple forever.

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