Ignition of an Oeuvre

Flickr: OddBall7

Writing is so fast becoming my top passion pushing down photography and exploration to the depths of Grand Canyon. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of books covering literature, drama, romance. Which I consider to be one of the reasons which sparked the interest in me, of course not to forget the bloodline which carries the writers instincts, My Mom is a PhD in Literature, I get to read a lot of her writings. I have learnt a lot from her, She’s been my mentor, teacher and also my source for inspiration. Getting back to the point, being a MD student consumes a lot of time in classes and labs, even by then I keep drafting my work, so that I can resume from where I halted. When at school I had immense interest to be a Doc., with the timeline that interest is now diluted. Now I began to think from the creative side, I started believing in Art greater than anything. Anything relating to art mesmerizes me now, much more than that is the fusion of art and science. Further from here on, you will be seeing refined and quality content relating to everything you can imagine of. Finally I would like to say this one line,

I’m not a good writer.


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